- My Pet Identity -

Biometric authentication as a service

Personalizing is hard

Old technology

The animals are tattooed / patched and microchipped. The work can only be done by a professional and most of the animals are left out. Quality varies.

Data is in fragments

No uni ed database. Veterinarians, authorities, owners it di cult to identify an animal in correct database.

A global challenge

Free-living domestic
animals such as stray
dogs and cats reproduce

Our vision is to

Make a global animal identification secure database

Our vision is to

Our platform for animal identification and authentication

Empowering identification

  • Scanning animal eyes with mobile application
  • Digital identication platform confirms the scanning and creates a encrypted unique
    file of the animal.

Empowering identification

  • Scanning animal eyes with mobile application
  • Digital identication platform conrms the animal identier and owner


Operations today

Strong presence in Nordics and Europe. 

**First active operations in Nordics and Europe

Size of the market in Europe

The dog population in Europe 90 million*

The cats population in Europe 106.4 million*

An estimated 85 million*
European households owned



Market cap of the total potential market

Best: 50% = 1,5 billion €

Average 25% = 750 million €

Worst: 5% 150 million €

Software as a service


Individuals using our tool
for free with limited

Free users create positive
word-of-mouth and

Pay per scanning

Pay per scanning plans in different tiers and sizes. Per user price ranges from
€1 to €15.

Payment per scan gives a positive
impression that the payment is worth the money.

Onboarding services

Training, How it works
services & workshops.
Also, free webinars on
various topics.

Competitive advantages

Core features

  • Smart application
  • Team and brand management
  • Cloud secure database
  • Analytics
  • Availability anywhere, on any device
  • Integrations and automation
  • Ecosystems

Power of the community

Our pet community has momentum. Our
users are active ambassadors and
evangelists of the company.

Our future plan

Customer acquisation

Heavy focus on active customer acquisition 

The sales team from 10 to 500 people in 5 years Active sales process, based on meetings 

Improved self-service model to scale as a secondary focus. 

1st goal: most trusted sales enablement partner in Europe through our partner network, marketplaces, and community.

Future focus outside our borders 

2022 expansion to Europe through hires and greater eorts in marketing. 

2023 EMEA/US expansion and 1st company acquisition to help the growth. 

2026 Global expansion and 2nd company acquisition to boost globalization.


Founder & CEO

Toni Koutu

Veterinary Partner Team


Anne Koutu

Development Team